Frankies Carnival Time is the leading childrens entertainment company in New York City. Established in 1957 Frankies Carnival Time has been in the same location for over 55 years. We provide Clowns, Bounce Rides, Tent, Table & Chair rental, Crowd Control Systems. We specialize in childrens Birthday Parties, magicians & Costumed Characters. No Event is too Big or too small."
Welcome to Frankie's Carnival Time, Celebrate your KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH US! . Tents Tables & Chairs, Bounce Rides, Popcorn , Cotton Candy, Clowns, Magicians & Much More. We are the Leading Entertainment company on the East Coast & have been in the same location for over 55 Years.
10x10 Tent
10x15 Heavy Duty Tent
14x14 Deluxe Enclosed Clown Bounce
18ft Dolphin Marble Water Slide
20x20 Tent
20x20 Tent
24' Dual Lane Wet or Dry Slip N Dip Slide
3 in 1 Disney Princess Bounce
30' Backyard Obstacle Challenge
30'' Dry Erase Prize Wheel w/ 12 Slots and Floor Tripod Stand
30'' Round Pedestal Table
4 Foot Adjustable Table
4 in 1 Module Bounce House with Slide
48" 2 Wheel SnoKone Cart
4x4 Ft. Dressing Room/Tent
4x4 Ft. Dressing Room/Tent
5 Foot Grill
5' Propane Grill
50 cent Forever Young Day 2009-2010
6' Propane Grill
6-Color Wheel
8' x 8' Instant Carnival Canopy
8x8 Open Roof Kiddie Bounce
About US
Adrenaline Rush 2
Air Dancer - 15' Frog
Air Dancer - 2 Legged Guy 18'
Air Dancer 15'
Air Dancers
Air Hockey
Airbrush Tattoos
All in 1 Combo Inflatables
Alphabet Wheel
American DJ RGB 3C LED Controller
Animal Kingdom Inflatable Obstacle Course
Anti-Gravity Power Ball Challenge
Assorted Keychains
Assorted Photo Cards & Greeting Frames
Audio Visual Systems & Crowd Control
Aztec Chocolate Fountain 27" High
Baba Bash
Baby Shower Chair
Backyardigans Jump
Ball Crawl Bounce
Balloon Animals
Balloon Arrangements
Balloon Pop
Bar w/ Wheels
Baseball Toss Game
Batman 3 in 1 Combo Bounce
Batman Bounce
Big Mouth Baseball
Big Mouth Baseball
Big Mouth Baseball
Big Mouth Clown
Big Mouth Clown
Big Mouth Football
Big Mouth Toss Games
Big Six Dice
Bingo Supplies
Birthday Bounce
Birthday Cake Bounce
Birthday Parties
Black Jack Table
Black Photo Booth
Black Vinyl Folding Chair
Block Island
Blue Folding Chair
Bolder Roller
Boom Blaster
Bottle Ring
Bottle Ring
Bounces for Boys Parties
Bounces for Girls' Parties
Box Cooler
Brass Plated Bingo Cage w/ balls & Masterboard
Brianna's Strawberry Fields
Bucket Drop
Bull Rope-N
Bungee Run
Bushel Basket Toss
Can Smash
Candy Apple Machine
Candy Apples & Caramel Apples
Candy Booth /Cart
Carnival Booths
Carnival Crafts
Carnival Games / Frame Games
Carnival Wheels
Carnival Wheels
Carousel Bounce
Carriage Rides
Cash Cube
Casino Game Craps Table
Casino Game Roulette Wheel
Casino Games
Castle Bounce 4 in 1
Castle Bounce House
Castle Sticky Wall
Catch a Critter
Ceremonial Scissors
Chair Bow Decorations
Chair Covers
Charicature Artists
Chauvet LFS-5D Spotlight
Chauvet SlimPAR™ 38 LED Lights
Chefs Chicken Chuck Toss Game
Children's Entertainment
Chili Dispenser
Christmas Fun Bounce
Circus Bounce
Classic Popcorn Machine
Clown Balloon Typhoon
Clown Face Picture Board
Clown Junior Challange
Clown Ring Ding
Coated Bingo Cage w/ Balls & Masterboard
Coffee Urn
Colored Round Globe String Lights
Colors Ball Toss Game
Connect 4
Cortez Chocolate Fountian with Splash Gaurd
Cotton Candy Cart
Cotton Candy Machine
Cover Spot the Dog
Crazy Hats
Create A Real Carnival Atmosphere!
Crowd Control
Crowd Control Stanchions*
Curve Action Water Slide
Dart Balloon
David Letterman
Deluxe 5 Gallon Champagne & Beverage Fountain
Deluxe Black Event Chair
Deluxe Black Event Chair w/ Chrome Trim
Deluxe Black Event Chair w/ Wheels
Deluxe Flat Roof Bounce
Deluxe Golf Game
Deluxe Holiday bounce
Deluxe Inflatable Bean Toss Game
Deluxe Pale Purple Event Chair
Deluxe Photo Booths
Deluxe Red Event Chair
Deluxe Skee Ball
Deluxe Sno-Conette
Deluxe Sports Bounce
Derek Jeter
Directors Chair
Directors Chair
Disney Fairies Jump
Disney Princess Diamond Shaped Jump
Don King & John Starks
Donald Trump
Dora the Explorer Bounce
Double Electronic Basketball Game
Double Purple Spin Art
Double Slushy Machine
Double Spin Art
Down A Clown
Down the Clown
Dream Castle Bounce 2
Driving Range
Duck Pond
Dunk Tanks
Eclipse II Tent
Elite Fondue Fountain 19"
Event DJ Provided by Frankie's Carnival Time
Event Lounge Furniture
Event Lounge Furniture
Face Painting
Face Place Photo Studio
Fat Cats
Feed N Time
Feed the Frog Toss Game
Fender Sound System
Firedog Bucket Brigade
First Down Inflatable Football Toss
Fish In a Bowl
Flag Stand With Eagle
Flat Roof Dream Bounce
Flava Flav
Food & Beverage Machines
Football Bean Toss
Football Toss
Football Toss Game
For a Real Professional Look!
For Sale Air Dancer
Forggy Fling
Fox News
Frankies Interactive Musical Entertainment
Frantic Feeder Toss Game
Frog Flinger
Frog Hop
Frozen Bounce Castle/Slide
Frozen Combo
Frozen Jump (Large)
Full Court Press
Fun House Mirror
Fun House Mirror
Fun House Mirror
Fun House Mirror
Fun House Mirror
Fun House Mirror
Fun House Mirror
Fun House Mirror
Fun House Mirrors
Fun Pop Pocorn Popper
Funnel Cake Fryer
Generic 3 in 1 Combo Bounce
Giant Cooler
Giant Slide 22ft
Glitter Tattoos Stensils
Go, Diego, Go! Jumper
Gopher Hole
Gorilla Gulp Toss Game
Green Folding Chair
Green Screen
Hand Crank Snocone Machine
Haunted House Bounce
Haunted House Inflatable
Hawaii’s Finest Shav–Pro
Hay Wagon Rides
Heated Home Beverage Fountain
Hello Kitty 3D Jump
Hi Striker 14'
Hockey Puck Shot
Home Run Derby
Hook's Treasure
Hooley Ball
Hooleyball 2
Hoop Shot
Horizontal Color Wheel
Horse Race Wheel
Horse Shoes Ring Toss
Hot Dog Cart
Hot Dog Cart
Hot Dog Roller
Hungry Hippo
Ice Cream Cart
Inflatable Bar & Refreshment Center
Inflatable Batter-Up
Inflatable Carnival Treat Shop
Inflatable Couch and Table
Inflatable Demolition Ball Octagon / Wrecking Ball Octagon
Inflatable Mini Treat Shop
Inflatable Princess Chair
Inflatable Princess Palace
Inflatable Royal Event Chair
Inflatable Skee-Ball
Inflatable Slides
Inflatable Tent
Inflatable Ticket Booth
Inflatable Velcro Sticky Wall
It's a Girl Thing Bounce
JBL Sound System
Jersey Shores Pauly D
Jersey Shores Snooki
JUGS Radar Gun
Jumbo Ping Pong Cage w/ Balls & Molded Masterboard
Junior Sports Games
Justice League Combo 3 in 1
Justice League Jump
Karaoke & Music Machines
Kids Blue Plastic Folding Chair
Kids White Plastic Folding Chair
Krazy Kans
Krazy Kans
Lady Clown Air Dancer
Lagoon Lights
Large Outdoor Tent
Large Water Slide with Pool
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Left: 20*20 Right: 10*20
Light Spheres
Light Spheres (8) Globe
Martha Stewrart
Matt Damon
MD Sports Springdale 7.5ft Billiards Table
Mechanical Bull with Inflatable Base
Merchandise Wheel
Mickey's Clubhouse Bouncer
Mini All Stars Basketball
Mini Break a Plate
Mini Bust One
Mini Carousel
Mini Clown Bounce
Minnie 13' x 13' Bounce
Molded Masterboard for Ping Pong Balls
Molded Masterboard for Ping Pong Balls
Molded Masterboard for Wood Balls
Monkey Junior Challenge
Monkey Maddness Pinball
Monkey Toss
Monoploy Wheel
Monster Splash Water Slide with Pool
Months and Holidays
Moon Shot Toss
Mouse Mine
Mr. Baseball Mascot
Multi Stage
Nacho Cheese Dispenser
Nacho Warmer
Ni Hao Jumper
No Name
Nurse Ring Her
Octaganol Tent
Oprah Winfrey
Over and Under
Padded Acrylic White Wedding Folding Chair
Padded White Wooden Wedding Folding Chair
Peanut Pitch Toss Game
Pedestal Joust
Pepsi Ring Toss
Peter Pan VS. Captain Hook Bounce
Petting Zoo
Photo Fun & Activities
Photo Fun & Activities
Photobooth Printer Plus
Pickachu Balloon Typhoon
Pin the Nose on the Clown
Ping Pong Balls #1-75
Ping Pong Tennis Table
Ping Pong Toss
Pink Air Dancer
Pink Kids Folding Chair
Pirate Ship
Pirates Gold
Pitch Burst
Pitch-Out Baseball Game
Pluck A Duck
Poker Chips
Polar Pete Sno-Kone® Machine
Poly Pong
Pony Rides
Pony Rides & Petting Zoo's
Pop A Pimple
Popcorn Machine with Cart
Porkchop Speedway
Portable Bar Table
Portable Stages & Dance Floors
Portable/Inflatable Buffet and Salad Bar
Potty Toss
Potty Toss
Pre-Made Cotton Candy Fluff
Pre-Popped Popcorn 4oz.
Pretzel Booth/Cart
Pretzel Display Case
Princess Parties
Princess/King/Santa Chair
Prize Wheel, 24in Color Dry Erase Spinning Wheel
Professional Bullhorn
Propane Tent Heater
Pucker Powder
Pucker Powder Candy Art
Pucker Powder Mini
Pumpkin Inflatable
Putt N' Win
Q -Ball Golf
Quack Attack
Quarterback Toss
Quarterback Touchdown
Quebbi DJ in A Box
Raffle Drum
Raptor's Nest
Recent Balloon Arrangement
Red & Blue Castle Bounce
Red Carpet & Velvet Rope Stantions
Red Folding Chair
Red/Gold King/Queen Chair
Ring of Fire
Ring Toss
Robert Di Nero
Rocket the Robot Toss Game
Roller Bowler
Ronald McDonald House of NY
Royal Flush Poker Table
Sand Art
Sandy Candy
Say Ahhh
Sean "P . Diidy " Combs
Selfie Booth
Sesame Street
Sesame Street 3 in 1 Combo Inflatable
Sesame Street 5 in 1 Combo Jumper
Sesame Street Bounce
Sesame Street Learning Town
Shark Dunk Tank
Shooting Stars Basketball
Shuffle Board
Singing Telegrams
Single Slushy Machine
Skee Ball
Slap Shooter Toss Game
Slate Blue Vinyl Folding Chair
Slot Machine
Sno Cone Cart
Sno Pro Ice Shaver
Soccer Fever
Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine
Sony Snap Lab Photo Printer
Spartan Sports 48" Foosball Table
Speed Pitch
Speedmatic Cage w/ Balls
Spiderman Bounce House
Spin Art
Spin Art Puzzle
Spin Soaker
Spin-T T SHIRT- Designer
Sponge Bob Jump
Sponge Bob Square Pants 3D 5 In 1
Sponge Bob Square Pants 4 in 1 Combo
Sports Activities
Sports Inflatables
Sports Speed Cage
Sports Tosses
Stainless Steel Patio Heater
Stand A Bottle
Stand a Bottle
Stand a Bottle
Stilt Walkers
Stop N Throw
Strawberry Shortcake Bounce
Strike 'Em Out Toss Game
Suction Dart Game
Super Hero Parties
Superman Bounce
T- Ball Baseball
T-Ball Baseball
Table Linens All Colors & All Sizes
Table Top Hot Dog
Table Top Hot Dog Warmer
Table Top Knock Hockey
Table Top Mini Hoop Toss
Table Top Podium
Table Top Podium
Tables and Chairs
Tall Red King/Queen Chair
Taz Bean Toss
Tents & Privacy
The Bomb
The Conan O'Brian Show
The Cortez - 23" Chocolate Fountain
The Montel Williams Show
The Offices of Barack Obama
The Today Show
The Ultimate Module Challenge Obstacle Course
The Wendy Williams Show
The Whip
Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe
Tin Pan Alley
Tinker Bell Jump
Tip a Jug
TKO Wrestling
Top Doc
Top Quality Booths
Touchdown Football Toss Game
Toy Story Jump
Tricycle Ice Cream Cart
Troll Toss
Truck Rides
True Blue Obstacle Course
Trunk Toss
TS-1 Toaster
Ugly Betty
Velour Adjustable Piping Draping / Privacy & Decorative Backwall Curtains
VocaPro Karaoke Machine
Volcano Bolder Roller
Walkie Talkie 2 Way Radio
We Provide Costume Characters
Weather Resistant String Lights
White Air Dancer
White Dance Floor
White Vinyl Folding Wedding Chairs
Wide World of Sports
Win Lose Draw
Winnie the Pooh Jump
Wireless Microphone
Wood Balls
World of Disney Bounce
World Of Disney Combo 3 in 1
Wrestling Throwdown Toss Game
Yo Gabba Gabba Jumper
At Frankies Carnival Time, no event is too big or too small!

Call for a price quote, & ask about our combo deals!